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  Safety Program     Equipment Air Quality  

At Capital, the safety of our
Employees is taken very seriously.

We not only provide our employees
with the appropriate safety gear
for each project, we perform a site survey prior to commencement
of work, provide employee briefings
for each project to review any
potential hazards and review emergency procedures.

Below you will find a link to our
Safety Program.


Through the use of our diesel equipment with catalytic converters installed, the work site ambient air remains LOWER than the OSHA standard of 35 ppm ambient air requirements.

Below you will find a link to
the Emission Information containing
data regarding our diesel equipment
verses the use of Propane/Gas
Equipment and a link to the Clean
Air Scrubber Specifications
containing data for the Catalytic
Converters installed on
our equipment.

Don’t forget we also have the use
of our Electrical Equipment.


(Click here to view Capital’s
Safety Program


(Click here to view the
Emissions Information)

(Click here to view the
Clean Air Specs)