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Capital offers the following services to meet your Concrete Renovation needs:

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Cutting & Coring                     Rentals

Concrete & Masonry                 Trench Work

Demolition Services                  Additional Services



Cutting & Coring

Core Drilling

Core Drilling / Boring is used when a circular penetration is required.  Holes can be drilled to virtually any depth required and up to 60” in diameter.  Coring can be done in slabs or walls and drilled on angles.  This system is dust free and has relatively low noise output.  Electric or hydraulic drilling rigs can be utilized for drilling in sensitive locations or confined spaces.




Hand Sawing

Hand held sawing is generally used for smaller jobs where it is faster and more cost effective than using other cutting methods. The hand saw can be used to cut on walls or floors up to 10” deep. They are highly portable and can access small, tight areas where cutting is needed. Typical applications include openings in brick and cinder block, beam pockets, and small opening in slabs and walls.


Chain Sawing

Chain sawing is usually a special application used when over cuts on concrete are not allowed.     The chain saw can cut the corners without any over cuts which saves the integrity of the slab  or wall. The chain saw can cut up to 18” in depth and is powered by hydraulics or gas.





Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and pavement.  Slab saws are typically powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, or hydraulic engines. Compared to jack hammering, slab sawing is less time consuming, far less noisy and creates less stress to structural areas.

Typical applications for Slab sawing are:

·        Cutting plumbing, mechanical and electrical trenches in slabs

·        Cutting reinforced concrete floors

·        Cutting expansion and control joints

·        Cutting sidewalks



Wall Sawing

Wall sawing uses a circular blade on a track-mounted machine. The track is attached to vertical walls or steep inclines that will not permit the use of flat saws. Wall or track sawing is typically specified to cut precise dimensional door, vent and window openings. Straight as well as bevel cuts are possible with the wall saw.  The wall saw is also an excellent choice for creating precise openings in any concrete structure.  The blade is mounted on the spindle of the wall saw. The spindle runs along the wall saw track that is typically bolted to the cutting surface.



Wire Sawing

Capital offers the newest technique in concrete cutting allowing the cutting of walls and slabs of unlimited thickness. The wire sawing system uses a series of guide pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond impregnated wire through concrete.  Wire saw systems are quite flexible in the field and can be arranged to accommodate limited access or confined areas while cutting vertically, horizontally, or on an angle. Wire sawing is cost effective for cutting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as bridge sections, machine bases, and piers. No concrete structure is too large to cut with a wire saw.  Faster cutting times and low noise output make wire sawing a perfect solution when conventional cutting methods are impractical.

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Concrete & Masonry

Capital provides masonry services for existing and new structures.  We have the experienced staff to perform all your masonry needs. 

Capital has completed masonry jobs involving the following:

·               Bollard Installation

·               Concrete Openings

          • Beam Pockets
          • Doors
          • Lintels
          • Windows        

·               Concrete Walls

          • CMU/Brick
          • Elevator Pits/Shafts
          • Poured Retaining Walls

·               Concrete Stairs

·               Concrete/Flat Work

          • Expansion
          • Floors
          • Pads
          • Patching
          • Slabs

·               Curbing

·               Footings

          • Pour New Footings
          • Removal of Existing Footings
          • Underpinning of Existing Footings

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Demolition Services

Capital provides selective demolition services to prepare structures for reconstruction. Selective demolition involves the demolition of only specifically designated areas of a structure. We have the experience, equipment and staff to perform the most intricate selective demolition projects. Capital has experience working in fully functioning retail centers/malls, manufacturing facilities, auto dealerships, medical centers, public schools/libraries, financial institutions and roadways.

Capital has completed selective demolition jobs involving the following:

·               Concrete Floors

·               Concrete Pads

·               Concrete Stairs

·               Concrete Walls

·               Elevator Pits/Shafts

·               Full Interior Gutting

·               Masonry Walls

·               Tile Floor Removal and Concrete Surface Preparation

·               Specialized Dismantling

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Trench Work

Capital provides Total Trenching Services, we are you one stop contractor.  Our job begins with saw cutting and ends with patching. 

TOTAL TRENCHING SERVICES include the following:

·                  Saw Cutting

·               Excavation

·               Back Fill

·               Compaction

·               Dowels

·               Patching – Both Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

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While we do not rent our equipment we do provide Service Calls by the day.  With this service we will provide the equipment with an operator that is required to perform the task at hand. 

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Additional Services

-   Barriers and Barricades         -  Ground Dewatering               -  Snow Plowing and Removal        

-  Catch Basins                            -  Limited Disposal Services     -  Steel Structure

-  Clean Ups                                -  Pressure Washing                   -  Trained Safety Flagmen

-   Dust Protection                       -  Pump Outs                               -  Waterproofing

-  Emergency Service Calls         -  Slurry Control                    


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